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    The Public Perception of Market Research and the Implications for the Future  


    Market research associations and the industry as a whole have a responsibility to ensure that we communicate the value of market research. Focusing on how the public sees market research, the industry has never been more in the spotlight. Market research, and more specifically polling, has come under increased scrutiny recently in the UK following the apparent inaccurate forecasting of the 2015 UK General Election and more recently the 2016 EU referendum.

    In the US, similar public interest has been focused on the 2012 Presidential Election, where polls and pundits predicted a Mitt Romney victory only for Barack Obama to win a second term, and more recently the 2016 Presidential Election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. This study of the public perceptions of market research surveys people from the UK, the USA, and Germany to provide researchers with a deeper understanding of how market research is perceived.

    As an industry we rely on the participation of the general public and we want them to give their time and effort willingly. As such, it is important we understand what they truly think of us so we can better gauge our current and future efforts.

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